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* According to Passport
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* Still Active
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  • Email and cellphone number are required to fill in. Make sure that your email is still active because proof of registration and a reprint link will be sent to your email and text message.
  • Determination of study time based on the results of the exam ranking and available class quota.
  • Fill in the registration form in order from top to bottom.
  • Online Class is currently only for the Faculty of Islamic Studies.
  • Online Class is intended for prospective students who have worked by attaching a Work Certificate or Teaching Certificate from the Institution / Company / Institution where they work.

Completed Year
For the Non-Medical option, it is filled with the Year of Completion of High School/equivalent
For the Medical option, it is filled with the Special High School Completion Year for Natural Sciences Department
For the Postgraduate option, it is filled with Bachelor Degree Graduation Year

Non-Medical Class Time
Morning     : 07.30-13.30 WIB
Afternoon    : 13.30-18.30 WIB
Evening : 19.00-22.00 WIB

List of Study Program Options :

  1. Faculty of Islamic Studies (FAI)
    • Islamic education study program
    • Early Childhood Islamic Education Study Program
    • Sharia Banking Study Program
    • Sharia Business and Management Study Program
  2. Faculty of Teacher Training and Education (FKIP)
    • Mathematics Education Study Program
    • Indonesian Language & Literature Education Study Program
    • English Language Education Study Program
    • Pancasila & Civic Education Study Program
    • Accounting Education Study Program
    • Guidance and Counseling Study Program
    • Primary School Teacher Education Study Program (PGSD)
    • Teacher Professional Education Study Program
  3. Faculty of Law (FH)
    • Law
  4. Faculty of Agriculture (FP)
    • Agrotechnology Study Program
    • Agribusiness Study Program
    • Agricultural Product Technology Study Program
  5. Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB)
    • Accounting Program
    • Management Program
    • Development Economics Program
    • Tax Management Program (D3)
  6. Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIPOL)
    • Communication Studies Program
    • State Administration Program
    • Social Welfare Program
  7. Faculty of Engineering (FT)
    • Mechanical Engineering Program
    • Electrical Engineering Study Program
    • Civil Engineering Study Program/li>
  8. Faculty of Computer Science & Information Technology (FIK-TI)
    • Information Systems Program
    • Information Technology Program
  9. Faculty of Medicine (FK)
    • Medical Education Program
    • Doctor's Professional Program
  10. Postgraduate
    • Master of Law Program
    • Master of Notary Science Program
    • Master of Management Program
    • Master of Communication Program
    • Master of Accounting Program
    • Master of Higher Education Management Program
    • Master of Mathematics Education Program
    • Master of Electrical Engineering Program